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What are Daily Do Its?  Daily Do Its are a checklist of daily challenges to help you stay organized throughout the year.

How does it work?  Do each daily task as shown each day OR choose one task from the entire list each day.

What if it doesn't apply to my unique situation?  For Daily Do Its that do not apply to you and/or your family, use that day to do one or more things from your personal To Do list or simply take a break that day and enjoy what you have already organized and schedule in time for yourself and your family.

Last Month's Daily Do Its

August is...
Happiness Happens month
1st week of August is... Simplify Your Life week  

Monday, 8/1/16: Discuss meal planning ideas with your family during dinner tonight and try to find recipes that include items you already have on hand and need to use up before they expire.

 Tuesday, 8/2/16: Cook in bulk today. Prepare twice the amount of dinner you will need for tonight and then freeze half of it for a quick and easy meal another night. Be sure it’s something that will freeze well such as meatloaf, potpies, enchiladas, burritos, lasagna, casseroles, pasta sauce, meatballs, soups and stews, breaded chicken or pork.

 Wednesday, 8/3/16: Are you frequently overwhelmed by everything you need to do? If so, reevaluate your schedule and find one or more things you can either eliminate or change that will make life just a little bit easier...starting today!

 Thursday, 8/4/16: Give yourself one more reasons to smile each day...create a collage of things that make you feel happy and inspired...inspirational quotes, funny pictures, words of wisdom and more...then post it where it will be seen each morning.

 Friday, 8/5/16: For those of you who have Queen and King size fitted sheets and can never remember which corner goes where...try using permanent marker on the corner tag of the sheet and write down which end of the bed that particular corner should be placed on. For example: mark the tag with “LB” for left bottom corner of the bed or “LB/RT” if it can go in either the left bottom or right top corners of the bed. Note: If there’s no tag available to write on and you don’t mind having small letters written directly on the sheets, you can do that as well.

 Saturday and/or Sunday, 8/6 – 8/7/16: Do you keep purchasing the same item over and over again because you always have trouble finding it when you need it the most? For example... you need a screwdriver for a small repair job, search your entire home and can’t find it. So, you go to the store, purchase a new one, get the job done and then (a few days later) find the screwdriver you were originally looking for in the one spot you didn’t think to look. If this happens to you often, take time today to organize that one specific area of your home so finding that one item will no longer be a challenge. Be sure to categorize all like items together in a place that will make sense to both you and your family, and make sure each item is clearly visible. And, if you discover you have more than you need (or want to keep), donate or sell a few of those extra items immediately.

 Monday, 8/8/16: Search your home and find five or more items (clothes, knick-knacks, gadgets, coffee mugs, books, movies, etc.) your family no longer wants or needs; then toss, sell or donate those items.

 Tuesday, 8/9/16: Create a list of meal ideas (similar to a restaurant menu) for your family to choose from each week. Then, start making plans for upcoming meals. Decide which meals you’d like to have, who will be making them, add any necessary ingredients to your shopping list and then plan accordingly. And, to keep mealtime from getting boring, every so often, be sure to add new menu options to that list.

 Wednesday, 8/10/16: Find a decorative container, bowl or basket to store everyday items such as cell phone, keys and wallet; then place it in an area that works best for you and your family.

 Thursday, 8/11/16: Walk through your home today and look around; can you find a few things that trigger unhappy thoughts, memories or feelings? If you no longer need those items, make your home a happier place by getting rid of them as soon as possible. Then, be sure to display a few items that always create a smile.  :-)

 Friday, 8/12/16: Create a Grab and Go Tool Kit (or update an existing one) for everyday household repairs by placing your most commonly used tools into a small, easy to carry bag or container. Just a few things you may want to include...a hammer, screwdriver (both flat head and phillips head), tape measure and pliers.

 Saturday and/or Sunday, 8/13 – 8/14/16: Find one or more ways to improve, change or advance in your career in a way that makes you happy. A few examples: change your work hours, find a way to simplify a few tasks, reorganize your work space or work a little harder towards that next promotion. 

 Monday, 8/15/16: Make it quicker and easier for your family to make healthier food choices, by separating the good from the bad in your cupboards and pantry. For example: Organic items on the left side and non-healthy items on the right side. Then search for more healthy and organic alternatives the next time you shop and watch that side of the cupboard or pantry grow.  :-)

 Tuesday, 8/16/16: Clean out and organize your laundry room area...toss all products you no longer use, store similar items together and set up separate laundry baskets for darks, whites and rinse loads.

 Wednesday, 8/17/16: Find out which supplies your child will need for school this year and add those items to your shopping list.

 Thursday, 8/18/16: Help your child sort through their entire wardrobe today...clothes, shoes, coats, hats, gloves, scarves and more; get rid of items that no longer fit...or they no longer want or need. Then, create a shopping list of any clothing items they will need for the upcoming school year. 

 Friday, 8/19/16: Go through your entire wardrobe today...clothes, shoes, coats, hats, gloves, scarves and more; get rid of items that no longer fit and you no longer want or need.

 Saturday and/or Sunday, 8/20 – 8/21/16: Choose one room in your home and clean the entire room from top to bottom. Clean the baseboards, windows, walls, floors, furniture and light fixtures, get rid of any unwanted items and for each item you find that does not have a storage place; create one.

 Monday, 8/22/16: What are your dreams? Where would you like to travel? What would you like to accomplish? Create (or update) a Life Goals List, Bucket List or collage and start finding ways to make your dreams a reality today!  

 Tuesday, 8/23/16: Find one or more items in your home that have been sitting out for awhile and put them away where they belong...if they don’t have a designated storage spot, create one.

 Wednesday, 8/24/16:  Untangle, neaten and then label (if necessary) all hanging wires and cords in your home. There are sooo many ways to label cords these are just a few ideas resulting from a simple
Google Search.  

 Thursday, 8/25/16: Do one or more things on your personal To Do list today.

 Friday, 8/26/16: Find those items that are constantly being tossed on the floor and create a permanent drop spot for them for when they’re not being used. For example: If your child is constantly throwing their school stuff (backpacks, bags, books, coat, etc.) on the floor in their bedroom, create a catch all drop spot for them using one or more of the following...a coat rack, cubbies, small end table, desk or a few hooks installed on the side of a shelving unit or on the wall.

 Saturday and/or Sunday, 8/27 - 8/28/16: Supply items such as food, paper products, cleaners, first-aid supplies, office supplies and more can all pile up very quickly. Take time today to figure out what you DO and DO NOT have in stock; and adjust your next shopping list accordingly. And, if you find you had to dig through the items to figure it all out... it may be time to reorganize your supplies. All supply items should be placed into categories with all like items stored together in the same area. After you’ve reorganized...if you find you have too many of one particular item, slowly work on using up what you already have in stock or donate the ones you don’t think you will be able to use.

Monday, 8/29/16: Review and update any existing chores and rules sheets you may have for your kids, so their responsibilities at home don’t conflict and interfere with their school schedules, after-school activities and homework time.

 Tuesday, 8/30/16: Find ways to use television time wisely...check emails, fold laundry, sew or knit, exercise, create a Shopping or To Do list, clip coupons, sort through old boxes of stuff, clean out a’d be surprised at what you can accomplish during the time it takes to watch one television show!

 Wednesday, 8/31/16: Work on one small home repair project today.