Find the Motivation to Get the Job Done


      When trying to improve any area of your home, work space, finances or life in general, it’s best to remember why you wanted to improve it in the first place.  Some reasons may be to; create more living space, tidy up an area in your home, find more time in your schedule, reduce stress, find a way to save more money, etc.  Once you have established the reason, use that to motivate you while getting the job done; and keep these hints in mind to help you get it done quickly and effectively…….

     *  Schedule a time and a realistic deadline for accomplishing the task at hand and make sure to take time to enjoy what was accomplished.  If you did not finish the job within the time frame you set, reschedule a time to finish it another day.

     *  Create your “To Do” list and tackle one item at a time, starting with the most important tasks first.

     *  Take it one small step at a time.  Start with one drawer, one shelf, one area, etc.

     *  Avoid distractions by letting people know you will not be available during that particular time and schedule in a separate time for phone calls, checking emails and anything else that may distract you while working.

     *  Schedule in break times to recuperate and reenergize.

     *  Acquire any help needed to complete the task.  Have family or friends help you or hire a professional if necessary.

     *  Don’t expect perfection.  Instead focus on a goal of improvement based on the best of your abilities.

     *  Make it fun.  Play music, invite friends that are fun to work with and/or give yourself a small reward for each task accomplished.

     *  Challenge yourself.  Throw out five glasses or mugs no longer used,choose to only save ten of your favorite items out of an entire collection or find a way to stretch your family budget to save $100 or more a month.

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