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What are Daily Do Its?  Daily Do Its are a checklist of daily challenges to help you stay organized throughout the year.

How does it work?  Do each daily task as shown each day OR choose one task from the entire list each day.

What if it doesn't apply to my unique situation?  For Daily Do Its that do not apply to you and/or your family, use that day to do one or more things from your personal To Do list or simply take a break that day and enjoy what you have already organized and schedule in time for yourself and your family.


Last Month's Daily Do Its

July is...

Purposeful Parenting month

Friday, 7/1/16: Cure boredom by creating a written list of Fun Things To Do; then encourage your kids to change and add to it often. *For an example list of “Fun Things to Do” for kids, please see Chapter 15 of Organize Your Life and More.

 Saturday and/or Sunday, 7/2 - 7/3/16: Do last minute shopping for any upcoming Independence Day celebrations.

 Monday, 7/4/16: It’s Independence Day!  Be thankful for your freedom and enjoy the day! 

 Tuesday, 7/5/16: Encourage organization and independence by providing your children with file folders and a file cabinet, box or drawer of their own. Once they’ve decided which papers they’d like to file away, help them decide how to label each file folder and then show them how to sort their papers inside each one. Example: oldest papers always go in the back of the file and newest ones always go in the front. *Note: Storing a few empty folders in the back (or front) of a file cabinet gives your child quick and easy access to new and empty files they may need in the future...and helps encourage the continued use of their new filing system. 

 Wednesday, 7/6/16: Encourage your children to start thinking about their future. Ask them about careers they may be interested in, help them research information on each one (job details, salaries, colleges they may want to attend and more) and then have them get an insider’s view of each career choice by talking with a few people who are currently working in those professions.

 Thursday, 7/7/16: Take one or more boxes out of storage and go through them, tossing anything you no longer want or need.

 Friday, 7/8/16: Go through your collection of body lotions, sprays and colognes; toss the ones you no longer use.

 Saturday and/or Sunday, 7/9 – 7/10/16: Review your family budget; then help your child create a budget of their own so they can start planning ahead for their own future. *See Chapter 12 of
Organize Your Life and More for an example family budget and Chapter 15 for example budgets for teenagers and young children.

 Monday, 7/11/16: Go through your email inbox and unsubscribe to those you no longer want to receive. Then, respond to, delete or file as many emails as possible.

 Tuesday, 7/12/16: Discuss schedules and assignments of household chores with all family members today. If necessary, make modifications to help accommodate preferences and changing schedules.

 Wednesday, 7/13/16: Find one area of your family budget where you can cut back and save money; then have your kids do the same with their own personal budgets.

 Thursday, 7/14/16: Post helpful household tips where your family needs them the most. Example: post instructions on how to use the washing machine for younger family members who are still learning how to do their own laundry. 

 Friday, 7/15/16: Search your home and find five or more items (clothes, knick-knacks, gadgets, coffee mugs, books, movies, etc.) your family no longer wants or needs; then toss, sell or donate those items.

 Saturday and/or Sunday, 7/16 – 7/17/16: Create a binder of your “Favorite Family Recipes” and have your child create one of their own as well. Then, help them find recipes they may enjoy adding to it and encourage them to make one or more of those recipes each week. *For specific instructions on how to create a recipe binder please see Chapter 19 of
Organize Your Life and More.  

 Monday, 7/18/16: Choose one or more cabinets to clean out today (kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, etc.) Take everything out, wipe down each shelf, get rid of unwanted items, group like items together and then place everything back into the cabinet in an organized manner.

 Tuesday, 7/19/16: What do you collect; stuffed animals, baseball cards, books? Reevaluate your collections and see how many items you can part with today. 

 Wednesday, 7/20/16: Find one or more items in your home that have been sitting out for awhile and put them away where they belong...if they don’t have a designated storage spot, create one.

 Thursday, 7/21/16: Have each family member find one or more items they no longer want or need and toss, sell or donate those items immediately.

 Friday, 7/22/16: Sort through your washcloths, sheets, blankets, hand and bath towels; toss those you no longer want or need. *If you want to donate your unwanted linens to a good cause - consider checking with your local animal shelter to see if they can use them.

 Saturday and/or Sunday, 7/23 – 7/24/16: Give yourself a break, and your children an opportunity to earn some extra cash and/or privileges...create a list of Extra Jobs that need to be done around your home, what you’re willing to give in return for doing each task (cash, extra privileges or special rewards), post it in a high traffic area, update it frequently (for example: every morning or once a week) and encourage your kids to check it out often.  *For an example list of “Extra Jobs” for kids, please see Chapter 15 of
Organize Your Life and More.

 Monday, 7/25/16: Help your child pick up and organize their room. As an extra incentive, ask them to think about ways they’d like to redecorate it when they’re done.

 Tuesday, 7/26/16: What can you organize today that would make the most positive impact on your life right now...your office, your finances, your schedule? Get working on it today!

 Wednesday, 7/27/16: Combat the weeds in your garden, lawn or driveway today.

 Thursday, 7/28/16: Do one or more things on your personal To Do list today.

 Friday, 7/29/16: Combat boredom...fill a “Busy Bag” with reading material, games and toys for those times when you and the kids are stuck waiting around in places like doctor’s offices and grocery store lines with nothing fun to do.

 Saturday and/or Sunday, 7/30 – 7/31/16: Does your child have a special talent? Artwork, jewelry, music, sewing, crafts??? Help them find ways to turn their creativity into cash, an enjoyable hobby ...or both.